Get to know the team at the surgery.


You can book in to the Doctor’s clinic with one of the following regular doctors at the surgery.

Female GP

Dr Meena Nathan: Monday and Wednesday (AM )

Male GPs

Dr Nijhar: Monday, Tuesday and Friday (All Day)
Dr Brannick: Tuesday and Saturday (AM)
Dr Arooran Nathan: Wednesday (PM)
Dr Rashid: Thursday (AM)

In case of the regular doctors being away we try our best to use the following regular Locum doctors. These are our only locum doctors from OUR OWN Locum bank (only). In case of the following doctors being unavailable we may use doctors from locum agencies occasionally.

Dr Irshad Hussain (Male)
Dr Asma Farooq (Female)
Dr Shazia Shah (Female)
Dr Fatima Khan (Female)

Practice Nurses

You can book in to see a nurse for all chronic disease review (Asthma, COPD, Chronic Kidney Disease, Diabetes and Hypertension), Simple and complex wound dressings, Contraception review i.e Depot (But you must see a GP for the first time to initiate Depot and can follow up with the nurse after) B12 and other injections, Baby Immunisations and Travel Vaccinations. We have two female practice nurses working on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Other Simple Health Checks

You can book in to see a Health Care Assistant (HCA) for your Blood test (Please make sure you have a form raised by a clinician otherwise the test will not be performed), BP check, Spirometry, Smoking cessation, NHS health check, New patient Health Check, Shingles/Pneumonia/Flu Vaccinations with our HCA and he is a male named M Fayaz

Blood Test

You can book in for your blood test (only) with our Phlebotomist – Mr Salah Eddine Habbak (Male) (Please make sure you have a form raised by a clinician otherwise the test will not be performed). Please note: We are currently doing blood tests on Thursdays and Saturdays due to shortage of staff. We are hoping to extend the services soon.